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Axia Consultants Project initiation checklist


Axia Consultants Project initiation checklist




You’ve finally got board approval to select a new software system - then what? You’ve actually got to do it! So, here is a quick ‘project initiation checklist’ of 30 things to consider at this stage. If you can tick everything ‘yes’ - you’re ready to start!

Ref Project Initiation Checklist

What is the software / system selection project?

1. Has the project proposal been approved by the board without any changes to the proposal? Or if the board has made changes, can you manage these?
2. Has sufficient funding been approved for the software selection phase?
3. Are the project objectives still the same as within the proposal?
4 Is the project scope (inclusions and exclusions), still the same as within the proposal?
5. Are the project deliverables still the same as within the proposal?
6. Have deliverables been defined for each stage within the software selection?
7. Have acceptance criteria been defined for each deliverable?
When will the project be undertaken?
8. Have the start and completion dates been defined and agreed?
9. Have dates for the key deliverables within the project been defined and agreed?

Who is involved with the project?

10. Provide names for:
- project sponsor:
- project manager:
- project team:
- key users:
- user management (who are responsible for signing off the requirements and accepting the system selection deliverables):
11. Have all the roles and responsibilities been defined?
12. Have all the roles and responsibilities been communicated?
13. Do all resources (involved) have sufficient time available for the project?
14. Is project resourcing sufficient?
15. Do all resources have sufficient knowledge / skills to undertake their part in the project?
16. Have you prepared and issued a project organisational chart?
17. Does everyone understand their role within the project?

How will the project be carried out?

18. Have you determined your project management / system selection methodology?
19. Have you prepared a revised (or final) project plan / gantt chart?
20. Are the responsibilities, milestones and deliverables clear?
21. Has this been issued and discussed with all involved?
22. Does everyone understand it?
23. Have you purchased tools to help you document your business requirements / select your new system? eg Axia’s System Requirements & RFI/RFP Templates
24. Have you set up project communications? eg planned regular (weekly) project meetings, defined an email list of other people to be kept informed?
25. Have you set up an issues escalation process?
26. Have you set up project monitoring? eg using a project management tool
27. Have you defined quality standards and specified how these will be maintained?
28. Have you reviewed your risk analysis and mitigation strategies?
29. Have you reviewed your project constraints / assumptions and checked that they are still valid?
30. Have you created project contingencies? eg additional time, funding or resources which can be called upon if required