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Diana Hickburn

August 2016
text: IOSCO: Unlocking Africa’s Potential through Competition Policy
African countries have much to gain by encouraging open and competitive markets, particularly as a means to spur sustainable ...
August 2016
text: Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning: Role of gas heaters in your home
Natural gas furnaces are a trend these days and a lot of homeowners prefer to use it according to Pugh Heating & Air Conditio...
August 2016
text: Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning: Reasons to have air conditioning
When looking for a trustworthy organization, avoid fraud services online because fraudsters often disguise themselves as repr...
July 2016
text: Eric Hamilton Marsden Tips for buying furniture
Finding the ideal bespoke furniture for your home can be simple as long as you have the patience in doing so. If you're going...
July 2016
text: Axia Consultants: Tips for attending accounting exhibitions
Before the exhibition1. Draw up a list of objectives for visiting the exhibition. Define what you wish to achieve eg to get a...
July 2016
text: IOSCO: Reports on transparency of firms that audit public companies
The final report discusses “audit firm transparency reporting,” which is a practice “employed by audit firms to be transparen...
July 2016
text: Axia Consultants: Accounting technology conferences and expo
There are many benefits of attending an accounting technology event - especially if you’re considering replacing your account...
July 2016
text: Axia Consultants: Final software decision
Here is an easy process to follow to help you decide.Steps:1. Gather all the information for each potential vendor and prepa...
June 2016
text: Axia Consultants Project initiation checklist
You’ve finally got board approval to select a new software system - then what? You’ve actually got to do it! So, here is a qu...
June 2016
text: Axia Consultants: Consulting profile
With skill backgrounds in Accounting, Payroll, HR, processes, project management and IT, we can rapidly contribute to time-cr...
June 2016
text: Axia Consultants: The hidden costs of new software
One solution is to identify the total cost of ownership, not just the software, as clearly as you can prior to acquisition. I...
March 2016
text: Dr. Richard Isaacs: Health and wellness facility
On June 16, Kaiser Doctors and area leaders broke ground at what will eventually be the new Promenade Medical Office Building...
February 2016
text: Richard Isaacs MD: employees to serve as role models
Carman stopped exercising after leaving the military in 1991, and the pounds began piling on. But after his father died at ag...
February 2016
text: Partnership to develop physician leaders: Richard Isaacs MD
This summer, as many as 16 third-year medical students from the College of Medicine will begin a year of clinical rotations a...
January 2016
text: Dr. Richard Isaacs - Partnership with Kaiser Permanente to Develop Physician Leaders
Drexel’s College of Medicine has partnered with Kaiser Permanente in California to help ensure a strong physician workforce f...